Monday, September 27, 2010

Mom's New Adventure

Fall is all about new beginnings—I’m certainly not the first person to write about it. And frankly, it could be a foolhardy exercise to write on something that so many other writers have already addressed. But since the day we let go of Daddy or Mommy’s hand and step into kindergarten, fall is when all the new adventures begin. THIS is the year it will all be different. This is the year I’m going to really study. This is the year I’m going to get the good part in the school play and step out of the chorus. This is the year I’ll get off the bench and into the game. This is it. I’ll think of clever retorts when the “cool” girls make fun of my clothes. Maybe they’ll even ask me to sit at their table—or at least they won’t throw stuff at mine.
            You would think my attitude about fall would change since I haven’t been in a classroom since Jim Carrey was known as “that white guy on In Living Color” and no one had heard the insidious phrase “reality television”. But it isn’t just about going back to school. My birthday is August 29th so the beginning of fall really is the beginning for me. We’ve all heard Christmas babies complain that their big day gets lumped in with the holidays and therefore ignored. Hey—that doesn’t sound that bad to me! Sharing a birthday when everyone wants to have a good time and eat chocolate? Yeah, maybe you won’t get as many presents—but if your parents are anything like me you get twice as many to make up for their bad timing. My gifts were usually book bags and new clothes. Hey wait a second… don’t most kids get that stuff in September?
            Anyhow, this isn’t a post about self-pity. It’s a post about beginnings. This year I’ve turned 39… for the very first time. Who knows how many more times I’ll be able to get away with 39?  So I’m turning over a new leaf and making writing and creativity a priority in my life. I’m promising to have something to say at least once a week. As anyone who knows me can tell you, I have something to say just about every day. But this time I’m going to write it down and let other people read it. What sorts of things? Could be parenting stuff. Raising my two boys takes most of my energy these days. Could be marriage stuff—but probably not much. My husband is wonderful and anything that comes up that isn’t so wonderful I’ll bring up with him and not my blog. The world of retail where I spend 20-30 hours a week should provide a fair amount of material. And since I am starting to reacquaint myself with my passion for the fun and crazy world of community theater there will probably be a post or two about that. You thought waiting for Guffman was funny? Wait until you hear about community theatre in real life!
            So thanks for joining me on my new adventure into the world of blogging. Hopefully I’ll enlighten, enliven and entertain. For now, there is a laundry monster to slay and bills to pay. It’s Monday—another good day to start an adventure.