Many years ago I came up with an idea for a novel about a woman who begins to develop psychic abilities. The problem is, she doesn’t believe in psychic phenomenon. She is a woman of science who believes in what she can see and what she can prove. Science is her religion. The lab is her temple. Gradually visions and sparks of intuition wreck havoc with her own idea of herself and her world.
            Back then, I sat down and wrote some it down. It wasn’t very good. I hadn’t written since college and I was out of practice. I had a toddler, I was pregnant, and we were renovating our home. Finding time to write was a pipedream. Finding time to shower regularly was an achievement. Eventually I stopped writing about Charlotte.
            Flash forward a few years and I’m writing nearly every day. I’ve even managed to complete one very bad first draft of a novel. Recently I was brainstorming an idea for one of the prompts I follow and Charlotte came jogging back into my brain. Below are the pieces that make up Charlotte’s story so far (told mostly in 100 word increments). Folks who are very interested in the paranormal may notice that in some stories Charlotte has the ability to see the future and in other stories she's a medium who speaks to the dead. I'm still playing with who she is and what her abilities are. I’d love to hear your feedback.


Charlotte's first appearance. 

Charlotte accepts what's happening in her life.

Charlotte fights her demons.

A tough moment for Charlotte.

Charlotte tells someone her secret for the first time.