Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Charlotte: Looking for Answers

            Charlotte pulled up in front of a 1960’s ranch that looked like all the other houses in the neighborhood. The only difference was a lack of toys in the driveway and a slightly overgrown lawn.
            “You must be Charlotte,” the psychic said opening the door. “I’m Georgia. Come in.” 
            Georgia’s hair was dyed an artificially vivid red and she wore a loose fitting sweatsuit over her ample curves. She led Charlotte into the sun-filled kitchen and gestured for her to sit.
“Can I get you some tea?”
            “No thanks. May I record our conversation?”
            “Certainly. Many of my clients record their readings. Sometimes a great deal of information comes through.”
            “I’m not here for a reading. As I explained on the phone, I want to interview you. I’m happy to pay your fee of course.”
 “You may find I can tell you much more interesting things about yourself than I can about me.”
            “Do your predictions just come to you? Or do you have to work at it?”
            “A little of both. When my talents first emerged, I had no control over them. Over time I learned to direct them.”
            “How old were you?”
            “Seventeen. I was terrified about some of the things I saw and felt. I’m sure you know what that’s like.”
            “That’s why your here. A journalism student would never pay for an interview. You’ve been having feelings you can’t explain and you hope our conversation will help you figure things out.”
            “So, you’ve made in inference from my willingness to pay and come to a conclusion. That doesn’t sound like psychic ability to me.”
            “It isn’t. The only thing I’ve proven is that I’m observant. I can demonstrate my psychic ability if you like.”
            “You aren’t insulted?”
            “Honey, I have plenty of clients who believe. Why should I care if you do?”
            Charlotte sat quietly, not knowing what to do next.
            “Give me your hand,” Georgia said. “Maybe I can tell you something you don’t know.”


           I’m linking up with the Trifecta challenge again this week. The challenge is to write a piece between 33 and 333 words long using the third definition of the word “ample”. This piece picks up with my character Charlotte as she begins her search for answers about her burgeoning psychic abilities. You can read more about Charlotte here.

AMPLE (adj.)

1: generous or more than adequate in size, scope, or capacity (there was room for an ample garden)
2: generously sufficient to satisfy a requirement or need (they had ample money for the trip)
3: buxom, portly (an ample figure)