Tuesday, August 28, 2012

100 Word Song: The Stranger

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

            I’m linking up with the 100 Word Song meme courtesy of Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. Each week we are challenged to write a story in exactly one hundred words based on a song. I was thrilled that this week’s source of inspiration was Billy Joel’s “The Stranger”. I have vivid memories of playing vinyl records of The Stranger, 52nd Street and Glass Houses over and over and over again on my parent’s record player. Wow, there is a fine line between being nostalgic and dating myself, huh?

Seeing Things

            Charlotte never had trouble focusing when she wrote science papers. But literature was another matter. Her mind wandered as she tried to write about The Scarlett Letter. She stared at the clock. The hands froze in place for a ages, then jumped ahead fifteen minutes. As her mind wandered she felt the familiar of sensation of falling that came over her when her visions came.
Casey is screaming. Her hands are covered in blood.
            Charlotte emerged from the trance gasping and shaking like a drowning person breaking the surface of the water.
            “Goddammit! I don’t even believe in this shit!”