Thursday, August 9, 2012

100 Word Song: Mountain Music

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             I’ve been feeling very sentimental lately. Over the weekend, my family (all 20 of us) gathered at a lake house in New Hampshire to celebrate my parents’ fiftieth anniversary. A couple of days later, my eldest niece (who is also my Godchild and who was the flower girl at my wedding) became engaged to a great guy. When I heard this week’s song choice, "Swing Away Life" by Rise Against I was reminded of the Simon & Garfunkle songs we used to listen to on family trips when we traveled around the country with a limited number of eight-track tapes. The music selection this weekend was a lot wider and the memories just as warm. A big thank you to my nieces who introduced me to some great new music and still tolerated what the old farts wanted to listen to. 

             “America” by Simon and Garfunkle mingled with our laughter and conversation. One or two of us hummed along. Memories of other summer nights in other mountains joined us on the porch.
“That’s our theme song.”
Years of shared experiences and love put us at ease. There is comfort in the company of those who have seen you cry and laugh and bleed. Still each other’s siblings, we’re now mothers and fathers and uncles and aunts.
            “Anyone want a glass of wine?”
            “Just bring the bottle.”
            “You mean the box?”
            “Yes, just bring the box.”
            “That should be our family motto.”