Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summertime and the Blogger is...

... Lazy???

            That isn’t really fair. I’m about as far from lazy as a person can be. I just haven’t been writing much. So I thought I’d share a list of things I’ve been doing this summer other than writing.

1.) Making music. Owen and I have started taking a guitar class together. I have had a guitar for ages and taught myself a few chords but I’ve never played in public. Owen started playing the saxophone at school this year. He didn’t love it but he practiced dutifully. I know enough about music to know it has to be done out of love and not duty. The morning after his first guitar lesson he picked up the guitar to practice—because he wanted to, not because he was told to. That is the beginning of music.

2.) Redecorating. My boys share a room with bunk beds. They like to share a room, but they don’t want to be in bunk beds anymore. Unfortunately two side-by-side twin beds won’t fit in their room. So I’m moving them into the guest room, my office will become the guest room, and the boys’ current room will by my office. (Did you follow that?) The office and the guest room are the places we put things when they don’t have a “home”. Sorting and purging have been the name of the game lately.

3) Biblical Theatrics. I’m directing skits for our volunteers to perform for the kids at my church’s Vacation Bible School. This stuff isn’t bound for Broadway but the kids will get some laughs out of it.

4.) Celebrating Birthdays. Both my boys have July birthdays. So it’s been a month of pizza, cake, legos, arcade games, and roller coasters.

5.) Losing weight.  Sort of. It’s a little difficult with all the celebrating. But I’ve been slashing calories in between rounds of birthday cake and squeezing in workouts wherever I can. I’ve managed to keep off about three or four pounds. It isn’t much, but I figure if it comes off slowly, it’s more likely to stay off.

6.) Working my day job. I got a small promotion at the end of the spring so I’ve been putting in more hours. My job can be very routine, but this new position has given me the chance to learn more and do different things. So I’m much happier when I’m at work and the extra hours go by pretty quickly.
We also went on vacation!

7.) Drama. Literally. I’ve taken a position on the board of a local community theatre, agreed to direct a play in the winter, been nominated for an acting award, and there is a possibility I’ll be teaching some acting classes. It’s busy. Maybe too busy. But other than spending time with my family there is nothing that makes me happier than theatre. Yes, I’ll get crazy and stressed out. But it’s my favorite kind of crazy and stressed out. 

            So I apologize that this blog has been a little meager lately. I have no doubt I’ll be back to writing more regularly soon. Thanks for reading!