Friday, January 7, 2011

Red Writing Hood

            In an effort to spark my writing, I’ll be participating in The Red Writing Hood’s Tuesday writing assignment. The assignment this week is to write a short piece - fiction, non-fiction, poetry, whatevs - in which each sentence starts with a the next letter of the alphabet. Starting with "A." So, yes, your finished product will consist of 26 sentences. Here is my first stab at it. Enjoy!

            “Absolutely not!” I told him.
            “But MOM! he yelled. “Can’t you see how much this means to me?”
            “Don’t act like this is the first time you’ve ever heard the word no before.”
            “Everyone else is going to the concert. For once, can’t you grant me a little freedom.”
            “Grant you a little freedom? Haven’t I always done that? I don’t understand why you think this is a good idea. Just because the other parents are going along with this doesn’t mean I have to.”
            “Keeping me home isn’t going to help mom.”
            “Listen to me, young man.”
“Maybe you’ll say something original. Not!”
“Original? Perhaps I might remind you about what happened last time you went to a concert like that.”
 “Quit reminding me Mom!”
“Reminding you? Sorry if the sight of you on the six o’clock news is something I can’t forget.”
Taking my hand, my son actually looked concerned for a moment, “Usually I agree with you Mom. Virtually everyone from school loves this band.”
“Wiggles—aren’t you a little old? Xavier I just can’t believe you want to see the Wiggles. You’re seriously going to go see the Wiggles  with a bunch of other eighteen year-olds?”
“Zany, huh mom?”