Saturday, April 16, 2011


            I have no right to feel as awake as I do right now. It is the final weekend of my show, The Secret Garden (you can read the reviews on the right-hand sidebar). There was a cast party last night at the home of our illustrious music director and her husband our equally illustrious lighting designer. There was pizza and wine and a gorgeous grand piano and three people in attendance who knew how to play it. And of course, there was a house full of people who are not shy about singing in public. I even dusted off my rusty pipes and sang. It was 2am when I reluctantly said my goodbyes.
            There are going to be a lot of goodbyes this weekend. It’s hard to describe how close you become to your cast and crew from auditions to the final curtain.  It’s only eight weeks and now these people are family. We’ve been together when we’re tired, stressed, and overwhelmed. We’ve worked through sore throats, missed cues, and technical problems. And we’ve laughed at inside jokes and shared memories of previous shows. We gave each other support when things didn’t go well and praise when things went beautifully. It is strange that in January most of these people were strangers.
            Monday morning I’ll be fine. I’ll catch up on some housework, spend some time with my boys (they’re on spring break this week), perhaps do some writing for my poor neglected blog, and make a real dinner with ingredients that didn’t come out of the freezer. Tuesday however, is going to be tough. I spent the last ten or so Tuesdays rehearsing with some of the most talented people I’ve ever met. This Tuesday I’m working the night shift at a furniture store.
            So tonight and tomorrow I’m going to sit and enjoy the art I created with these wonderful people. I’ll be grateful for the opportunity to direct one of the most beautiful musicals ever written. I’m going to relish every moment I spend with my new friends before and after the show. I’ll raise a toast in their honor at the cast party and try to tell them how much I’m going to miss them. But first, I’m going to Target to pick up a case of tissues.

This one is for my glorious cast!