Thursday, April 28, 2011

How I Spent my April Vacation

            Last week my boys were out of school for April vacation week. I feel strangely proud of how well it went. Our winter break in February was an absolute disaster—we took turns passing around the flu and a stomach virus. Every fun thing we had planned got cancelled—play dates, museum visits, parties. It was just plain lousy. My youngest son missed six days during the third quarter this year, if it hadn’t been for February school vacation week he would have missed at least ten days.
            April vacation on the other hand, was fun without being over programmed. We went to the local craft museum, had a play date with cousins, an egg hunt with some other cousins, played games, colored eggs, and generally had a good time. The highlight of the week though, was our hike in the Blue Hills. Blue Hills Reservation is a great little state park right outside of Boston. 
If you look very closely, you can see Boston in the distance.

            I feel like we don’t get outside enough anymore. It’s almost 4:00 by the time they get off the bus and then they have homework and after school activities. By the time the kids have any free time, the sun has gone down and their interests usually turn toward something electronic. So it wasn’t just music to my ears when Owen said, “This is cooler than blasting battle droids on my PSP.” It was a complete symphony. 
Hiking rocks!

Better than video games, indeed!