Saturday, May 7, 2011

Date Night

            Our fifteenth anniversary was last week. We celebrated by wolfing down Chinese take-out, going to a tee-ball practice and then a Cub Scout meeting. That my friends, is the difference between your fifteenth anniversary and your first anniversary. Fortunately, we had a chance at a “do-over” last night (which was a double celebration since it was also my husband’s fortieth birthday). My cousin, her husband, and their four kids invited our little guys for a sleep over so we could go away for the evening.
            It was a lovely change to sit through a dinner without saying, “Please chew with your mouth closed” and “There is no toilet talk at the dinner table.” We didn’t need to bring crayons amuse ourselves and neither one of us ordered chicken fingers or mac and cheese. We were able to savor our dinner and sip our cocktails—which was not easy since the food was fantastic! We dined at a place in Falmouth called Añejo, which bills itself as a Mexican bistro and tequila bar. If you find yourself vacationing on Cape Cod, I highly recommend it. Try the pomegranate margarita—as delicious as it is intoxicating.
            I love my children beyond words, but a night without them was a treasure. There is a stereotype that married couples go away and spend all their time talking about their kids. Of course, we talked about them. They are the center of our world. But we also talked about a million other things that we just don’t ordinarily have time and opportunity to say. More importantly, we were able to share a few quiet moments. In a house with two energetic little boys, there is very little silence. We enjoyed this rare treat immensely.
            The next morning over breakfast (Nope. I’m not sharing any details about the night in the hotel room with the hot tub and the king size bed. My mom reads this blog you know—wink, wink, nudge, nudge.) the waiter asked us if we were in town for anything special. When we told him we were there for our 15th anniversary, he said, “Shut up! You look so young!” Maybe he was fishing for a big tip, but I’m inclined to think a little time away from the kids took a few years off our faces.
Will and Kate have nothing on us (except, wealth, fame & youth)!