Monday, May 23, 2011

The Good Stuff

            Most mornings, my alarm goes off before my kids wake up and I grab my journal and write whatever is on my mind. Sometimes, it’s dreams or story ideas and other times I write down thoughts that kept me from sleeping or a to do list. Often times I just write, “I’m so tired. This bed is so warm and cozy. I don’t wanna go to work. I wish a magic genie would appear with coffee.”
This morning I only got a few sentences into the journal when I heard the unmistakably wail of a child about to vomit. Again. It’s been an absurd year for germs in my house. In the past two weeks there was only one day both of my kids spent the entire day in school. Every virus that has floated through their school has landed in the intestines, stomach, throat or nasal passages of my children.
            But this is NOT a blog post whining about my sick kids—or the weather (since I’m convinced the constant damp is allowing these germs to breed out of control). After looking at the pictures out of Joplin, Missouri this morning, having a family come down with a few extra bugs just doesn’t seem that bad. So this is a blog about the good stuff. As Monty Python would say, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” “Always look on the bright side of life”. So here are the good things I’m trying to focus on right now.

            1.) The eggs in the nest of cardinals outside my living room window have hatched. We have a constant biology lesson happening on the other side of the glass. The baby birds are tiny balls of fluff with giant mouths. Mama and Papa cardinal are constantly bringing them grubs. Cute doesn’t begin to describe the scene. Watch for pictures on Wordless Wednesday.

            2.) The sun shone brightly on Saturday for my boys Cub Scout Chuck Wagon Derby. The kids were able to spend all day in the fresh air doing activities that included archery and b b gun shooting. My no-guns-in-my-house-bleeding-heart was confused but proud to discover that Owen is an amazing shot. First time with a rifle in his hand and he hit the bull’s-eye three times. 

One sharp shooter and one kid who tries really hard.

            3.) When we returned from the Chuck Wagon on Saturday, Dan and I got to have a date! My friend Claire babysat for free and we went to see “Pirates of the Caribbean 4”. It was wicked fun. I’ll admit it, I love movies with period costumes and swordplay. I have no interest in heavy drama—there’s enough drama in real life. Make me laugh and entertain me, that’s what I want in a movie.

            4.) My son just brought me a picture he drew for me because he’s adorable. Those are Lego Ninjago figures (for those of you who don’t have 8-year-old boys). 

Lego Ninjago: the latest obsession in our house.

5.) I got the very last pair of rain boots in my size at Target last week. You can’t stop the rain, you might as well jump in some puddles.

Bonus: They match the kitchen floor & the kitty likes them.

            6.) I just finished reading Kristin Chenoweth’s memoir A Little Bit Wicked and it is hysterical and makes me want to hang out with her. I think we’d be best buds—us short girsl need to stick together (we’re both 4’11”).

            7.) Since the kids have been home from school so much and I’ve missed so much work, I’ve had time to sort though and throw out tons of stuff. There is something really satisfying about getting rid of stuff. My workroom is cleaner than it’s been in months.

            8.) I started tweeting on Twitter. Follow me and maybe I’ll say something funny or poignant or maybe I’ll just bitch about the weather.

            9.) One of the days James was home sick, he and I had fun doing math together. Math. Me. Fun. Weird.

            10.) Having lots of sick and rainy days has meant lots of snuggling under blankets watching movies. As much as I regret the fact that I’ve run out of paid sick time, cuddling with my boys is priceless.

            What are some things that give you joy on an otherwise bad day?