Friday, October 7, 2011

Write on Edge: Saturday Ritual

            This week’s prompt from Write on Edge asked us to create a setting. “Someplace real? Imaginary? From your past? In your future? It can be fiction or creative non-fiction. But make your descriptions so rich that I can’t help but feel like I’m right there.”  We had a 200 word limit.

Saturday Morning Ritual
            The sun is so bright we leave the house without jackets and the October chill bites through our thin clothes. I go inside to grab sweatshirts for everyone. At 9:00 AM the gravel parking lot is already packed with aging but trustworthy minivans, tricked out SUVs and beat-up sedans. Children in soccer gear tumble out of vehicles, their brightly colored shirts emblazoned with the names of local businesses.
            My boys to run ahead to meet their coaches while I juggle the soccer mom’s survival gear: folding chairs, water bottles, and a large coffee. The leaves on the maple and oak trees are just beginning to change. In a few weeks those branches will be bare and this field will sparkle with frost. Today the uninitiated slip on the slick muddy landmines that dot the lush fields.
            Wrestling the kids into shin guards and cleats on a Saturday is a chore but I love the energy of early morning soccer games. Parents cheer in Spanish, Portuguese, Creole, Vietnamese and English. This is my hometown at its best—not a melting pot, but a stained glass window where individual colors shine through. Rooting for our children is the language we all share.