Friday, February 17, 2012

Fiction Friday: A BLT with a side of Wisdom

            Karen’s mother Peggy was frying bacon in her cast iron skillet. A year ago the smell of bacon would have pulled Karen into the kitchen. But since she started working at the diner, bacon smelled like greasy customers and bad tips.
            “I can hear you rattling around in your room at night,” Peggy said. “Why can’t you sleep?”
            “I have to get out of that diner Mum. I’m trying to save up enough money to take the secretary course at Miss Fairchild’s but it’s taking so long.”
            “You’ve never complained about the diner before,” she said as she slid a plate in front of Karen.
It was a simple sandwich—toasted white bread, bacon, iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise and a supermarket tomato that tasted like cardboard. But Karen knew it was her mother’s way of showing she cared. Peggy didn’t hug or  kiss. She didn’t say, “I love you.” But she always fed the people she loved.
            “I just want a job where I don’t sweat all day.”
“Like mine you mean? There’s nothing wrong with an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.”
“I know that Mum. But wouldn’t you work a better job if you could? I want to be able to wear nice clothes. I hate listening to guys talk about me.”
            “Is someone bothering you?”
            “Not bothering exactly. There’s this boy—from the college. He’s nicer than most of them and he’s been coming around a lot lately. He keeps asking for my number. He doesn’t believe me that we don’t have a phone.”
            “Willie will talk to him if he’s hassling you. You don’t have to take it.”
            “He isn’t hassling me. He just wants to go out with me. But I don’t have time for a guy. All I want to do is make something of myself.”
            “That’s my girl. Don’t give that college boy the time of day. That smooth talker probably thinks you’ll spread your legs because you have to work for a living.”
            “You listen to me! Those college boys make look pretty and talk nice, but their pecker is just as dangerous as any truck driver’s. You get knocked up and you can kiss being a secretary goodbye.”
            “Eat your sandwich will you? It’s bad enough you aren’t sleeping. Don’t stop eating too.”
            Karen took a bite. It was easier to swallow than her mother’s advice.

This week we showed you a picture of a delicious BLT and then asked you to write, in 400 words or less, a post inspired by it. Did you stick with the sandwich? Did you make it the main focus of your post? Did you just see bacon? Link up your take on this delicious picture. You can read more about my character Karen here.