Friday, December 28, 2012

100 Word Song: O Holy Night

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
            While going over my posts of the last year, I realized it’s been far too long since we took a glimpse into Karen’s world. So this week, I’m linking up late (sorry Leroy!) with 100 Word Song over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. This week’s musical inspiration was a song I’d never heard before by a band I’ve never heard of, “Carry Me Home” by Hey Rosetta! Give it a listen if you haven’t already heard it. You can download it for free from their website.

O Holy Night
            Edmond sat on the edge of the bed in the cheap motel room. He should have been grateful the manager had taken pity on him, but he felt empty. Across the country, Karen was standing on the kneeler at St. Coleman’s, singing along with the choir. Peggy would have dressed Karen in green velvet and put her raven hair in ringlets. Christmas Eve had always been his favorite night of the year—a night of magic and possibilities. This year, it smelled of stale smoke and regret. The gin bottle slipped from his hands as tears rolled down his face.