Wednesday, March 23, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

            On Tuesday nights I have rehearsal and my husband takes the boys to the Y so we only have a few minutes after he gets home to touch base. We need a little time to catch up on our day and keep each other posted on any number of things. This never rarely happens without interruption. Last night was no exception. I was trying to let Dan know about the standardized testing the boys are going through this week. Both boys kept coming into the kitchen with various urgent matters like informing us the new Lego Star Wars game for the PS3 is coming out this week and to ask what’s for dinner.
            When I heard, “Hey Mom!” for the tenth time, I nearly blew my top. Then I looked around and saw this.

There's a wizard in the kitchen.

            “Hey Mom! I’m Harry Potter!” said James. He crafted the glasses and wand out of Legos. I didn’t get mad. I grabbed the camera.