Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Brave

            Last week James had surgery at Children’s Hospital in Boston. He injured his hand six years ago (I’ve talked about it here and here) and needed some repair work done. I know plenty of grown adults who act like babies when they’re patients. It was impressive to see my baby act so brave.

Little Monkey and Blue Monkey getting prepped.

All dressed up and ready to go into sedation.

James' first words when waking up from surgery, "I want to go home. I miss my brother."

            James had a little postoperative nausea and pain, but it’s been almost a week since the surgery and he’s doing really well. He’ll be in the cast until September 12th. Personally I’d be going bonkers if I was without my right hand for three weeks. He's been adapting and not slowing down at all!