Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Social: It's all About You!

            Today I’m linking up with Jessica from Four Plus and Angel and Liz at A Belle, A Bean, and A Chicago Dog for the Summer Social Blog Hop. There were a variety of topics available to write about. It may seem strange that I chose to write from the “Advice for Others” category since I consider myself a novice blogger. There are a million things about blogging that I still don’t know. It’s tough to articulate exactly what advice I need at this point. So I’m enjoying reading everyone else’s tips in this category. However, I do read a lot of blogs (just ask my husband and sons!). So I’m answering this as a reader, rather than a writer.
            If I stumble upon your blog and read a post or two, I will always check the “About Me” or biographical section. If there isn’t one, I’m disappointed. People are interesting. I love hearing about people who face challenges—starting a family earlier or later in life than they planned. You home school six kids? Heck, even the thought of home schooling two blows me away. You’ve lost 78 pounds? Amazing! How? You’ve struggled with infertility or loss? You are so brave to share your story and find a community and help others. Maybe you don’t think your life is very interesting. Maybe you think you’re just a mom (shudder!) Dig a little deeper. There is probably some little quirk you have that will get my attention.
            I think of the “About Me” section as being like the bio or “Who’s Who” in the program of a play. They can be really boring like this:

Victoria KP (Director) Vickie has a BA in English from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. She has studied voice under Dan Moore for five years. Victoria has appeared on stage with Hingham Civic Music Theatre productions of The Pajama Game, The Wizard of Oz, and An Evening of Song. Her favorite roles include Amy in Company, The Second Nun in The House of Blue Leaves, and Mary in Run for Your Wife. Victoria has directed productions of Oklahoma!, Death by Chocolate and Plaza Suite. She wishes to dedicate this production to her loving family.

Are you still awake? Sure, you know a lot about what I’ve done and maybe you’ve figured out why I look familiar. But I sound like every other actor in the world. You don’t know anything about who I am. Plus, I probably come across a little pretentious. Wouldn’t you rather read something like this:

Victoria KP (Director) Vickie has been longing to get back into theatre since directing Plaza Suite with Hingham Civic Music Theatre five years ago. When she isn’t directing, Vickie can be found chasing her sons, flirting with her husband, leading Cub Scouts and selling inexpensive Swedish furniture. She also writes about parenting, creativity, and other topics in her blog In her free time, Vickie can usually be heard bragging about the fantastic cast and crew of The Secret Garden. Vickie could not have directed this show without the immeasurable love and support of Dan, Owen and James—thank you!

            With this bio you can tell I’m a busy mom with a sense of humor. I love theatre and I’m secure enough in my credentials that I don’t need to list them all. Most importantly, you’re still awake!
            So if you haven’t put much thought into your “About Me” section, I encourage you to do so. Shake things up a little. Are you hopelessly addicted to coffee? Have you been dreaming about singing backup for Duran Duran since the mid-80’s? Can you make the best marinara sauce on the block? Chances are, there is something interesting and unique about you. I for one would love to know what it is.