Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo Update and Post Halloween Wrap Up

            Happy day after Halloween! If you’re like me there is all kinds of stray candy calling your name. Oh, go ahead indulge a little. We’re heading into bulky sweater season anyway. Who’s going to know?  The kids slept in this morning—a rare treat! I was up before the sun and had the chance to write undisturbed for an hour or so. I kicked off my first day of NaNoWriMo with 1,900 words and I’m hoping to knock out a few more before the day is over. A former classmate gave me the advice to try to accomplish high word counts the first week or two so there is a chance to slack when I start to tire out later in the month. Seems like sound advice and I’m taking it. Thanks Nikki!
            We had a snowstorm the night before Halloween. A lot of communities around here are without power. We were spared the worst of the weather but there was enough snow for the boys to make snowmen and a snow jack-o-lantern on Sunday.
            But by Monday there wasn’t much left and the kids were ready to hit the town. The boys were ninjas—not just any ninjas but Kai and Jay from the Lego Ninjago series. At the last minute they wanted my husband Dan to accompany them trick or treating—in costume. Fortunately my husband used to assist in a kids karate class at the Y. So he wore his gi plus a black hoodie and my running balaclava—instant ninja. Or should I say Instant Ninjago Cole?

            All this dressing up has me nostalgic for costumes from Halloween past.  So please bear with me as I walk down memory lane.

2010 Photographic evidence that I am the world's best sport.
2009 Clone Commander Cody...

...and his little brother the monkey. I never managed to get the boys in the same picture.

2008 I drove myself crazy trying to make a dragon costume, then found this at KMart for $14.00. We can't all be Martha Stewart.

2007 Optimus Prime and my little Cowboy.

2006 Batman & Robin. Have you ever seen such cute super heroes?

2005 One of my favorites. Every store sold out of Yoda costumes. I made this one out of a piece of green polar fleece and a big white hoodie.

2004 First Halloween as brothers.

2003 Baby bear and Papa bear.

2002 No costume. I remember taking this picture thinking I ought to get him a costume for his first Halloween. But I'm too frugal and I can't imagine he could have gotten any cuter.