Monday, June 13, 2011

The Tale of the Lazy Blogger

            I have been a neglectful blog writer and reader lately. I’m not alone. At least three of the bloggers I read regularly have written posts apologizing for being absent lately. Like all of them, I’ve had my share of distractions. But when I consider how busy I was over the wintertime and into the early spring, I’m no busier than I was before.
            So what is eating my time? Sure, I’ve had dental work, kitchen appliance drama, baseball games and end of school year activities thrown into my schedule for the last few weeks. But all in all I’m no busier than I normally am. I am no thinner—so it can’t be that I’ve been spending a lot of time at the gym or running. I don’t have a tan so I couldn’t have been lounging around in the sun or doing work in the garden. I’m feeling no less stressed so I haven’t been investing my time in yoga and meditation.
            Perhaps there is something in the summer air that sucks the motivation to sit in our writing spaces and get the job done. Maybe time speeds up when the school year winds down. Or maybe I’ve slowed down a bit since the temperature has begun to rise. Whatever the reason dear readers, I will endeavor to get back in the writing mode this week. Tomorrow’s memoir topic from The Red Dress Club is affection—a topic I’ve learned so much about since my children were born. I have no excuse not to write about that! Heaven knows I’ll have the time this morning as I wait for the refrigerator repairman to arrive. Have a good week everyone!