Saturday, March 3, 2012

100 Word Song: The Dimming of the Day

            Peggy snuffed out her cigarette. Her feet ached from standing all day at the hospital laundry and she missed Karen. For the last twelve years, this time of day was when she and Karen talked—about school, boys, their ambitions. Sometimes they fought—mothers and daughters do. Karen was all she had since Edmond walked out. A few days after graduation, Karen announced that she’d gotten a job at the diner. She was so proud to be able to help Peggy with the rent now. Peggy was proud too. But she had wanted so much more for her baby girl.

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
            Lance over at My Blog Can Beat up Your Blog has contrived this great link-up called The 100 Word Song. Write a story in one hundred words, based on a song. This week’s song is The Dimming of the Day by one of my favorite musicians, Bonnie Raitt. I’ve been using various prompts to explore my character Karen. At this point it’s more character sketch, than story. The more I write, the more she and her acquaintances tell me about themselves. You can read more here.