Tuesday, February 26, 2013

100 Word Song: I Won't Back Down

            She straightened her back and willed her voice not to tremble.
“I won’t back down,” she said.
            “I thought you’d say that,” Manny sneered. His face looked like he was holding a handful of aces.
            Manny couldn’t possibly know, she told herself. As far as he knew, she had no attachments. There was nothing he could hold over her head.
            Frankie pulled a sheriff’s badge out of his pocket and tossed it on the table. It was dented and scuffed.
            “Huh,” he said with a nasty grin. “I think your new boyfriend lost something. Are you to cooperate now doll?”

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
            I’m linking up with the 100 Word Song Prompt over at my friend Lance’s place, My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. This week’s inspiration is Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down”.