Monday, February 4, 2013

To the Moon

      Good afternoon dear readers! I must apologize for my absence lately. If the last week of my life had been a novel, it would have been gripping. It had all the elements: drama, comedy, a touch of ill health, tension, romance, and even a smattering of violence. Since it was real life, however, it left me exhausted. It also left me feeling content and fulfilled. Last week was “production week”, the week that leads up to and includes opening weekend of a play.
      There were many late nights and many take out dinners. Thrifty Tasty Tuesday took a backseat to Chinese takeout. I took a picture for Wordless Wednesday, but was so off my game I barely cracked open my laptop all week. Fiction Friday? The only fiction I handled last week was Moon Over Buffalo, the comedy I directed.
      We opened Friday night to a small, but enthusiastic audience. Two months of creativity and hard work were ready to show the world. The cast and crew handled every detail with the utmost skill and grace. I felt like my kids scored a goal, got straight A's, and remembered to say “please” and “thank you” all on the same day. Two excellent performances down, three to go.
      Today I'm catching up with my blog, yoga, my laundry, my kids, and trying to get some healthier food on the table. If there's time, I may even catch an episode of Downton Abbey. Fiction Friday will return this week and Thrifty Tasty Tuesday will be back next week. See you then!